Amateur Radio at one time required learning Morse Code and
a lot of electronic theory to be able to pass the test.
Today - Code is no longer required. Studying for your license is much easier. The license manual gives you all the information you need in one convenient package.

Manuals are available online from or a good free version at , and many other locations as well.
(The internet also can provide you with manuals but be careful that you get the correct version.

There is no age limitation to pass the examination.
Please contact us for information.


TEST SESSIONS a fee is required.
The El Paso Amateur Radio Club holds test sessions at 9:00 AM on the first Saturday of every even month. ie. February, April, June, etc. and can be arranged on request.
Sessions are held at the Clubhouse and Walk-ins are always welcome.
Bring photo ID, your license and CSCEs with copies (to be sent in), (CSCE's covered by your license are not required.)

Members of the W5ES VE - Team:
     Paul, AE5OJ
     Joel, N6TOC
     Ted, KG5BXX
     Chris, WC8GOQ
     Clay, K5TRW