1946June - DecemberWilliam L. DickersonW5JOTSilent Key  
  1947January - JuneHal SunderlandW5LXXSilent Key  
   June - DecemberOtto Kruger W5EVJSilent Key  
  1948January - JuneOscar HagerW5MJBSilent Key  
   June - DecemberRalph E. BrownW5GYMSilent Key  
  1949;January - JuneRalph E. BrownW5GYMSilent Key  
   June - DecemberLon G. Wainman W5GISilent Key  
  1950January - JuneLon G. Wainman W5GISilent Key  
   June - DecemberCharles . BukofskyW5EGISilent Key  
  1951January - JuneCharles G. BukofsyW5EGISilent Key  
   June - DecemberKenneth J. WaltonW5MCISilent Key  
  1952January - JuneWilliam T. McGillW5MVL Silent Key   
   June - DecemberWIlliam T. McGill WrMVLSilent Key  
  1953January - JuneNewton W, Scott Jr.W5UBNSilent Key  
   June - DecemberKenth Graf W5RUNSilent Key  
  1954January - JuneWilliam R. MorganW5QVJSilent Key  
Note: Term of office was for 6 months thru June 1954. Thereafter for one year with election each year in June.
   1954-1955William L. MorganW5QVJSK  
   1955-1956William D. Morgan W5QEZSK  
   1956-1957William T. McGill W5MVLSK  
   1957-1958Ervis G. Williams W5KOKSK  
   1958*1959Hollis B. King W5JSJSK  
   1959-1960Hurley O. Saxon W5QVHSK  
   1960-1961Ervis G. Williams W5KOKSK  
   1961-1962"Bill" Rodgers W5TLUSK  
   1962-1963B, Ray Archer W5NGWSK  
   1963-1964John E. Martin K5LUGSK  
   1964-1965George R. Nail K5GSASK  
   1965-1966H. C. Pete Peterson K5TLOSK  
   1966-1967C. T. Charlie Wild K5HYGSK  
   1967-1968George Holmack W5RUOSK  
   1968-1969Frank Cook K5FZP*  
   1969-1970L. C. Duke Landon WA5MTI*  
   1970-1971Larry Wise K5UYHSK  
   1971-1972Milly Wise W5OVHSK  
   1972-1973T. M. Reeves W5LWPSK  
   1973-1974W. R Ross Harrell WA5LTQ   
   1974-1975E. B. Corlis K5DITSK  
   1975-1976Lloyd A. Barrows W5SIGSK  
   1976-1977Melvin Rogers K5YUASK  
   1977-1978Melvin Rogers K5YUASK  
   1978-1979Godfrey A. Young WD5CUGSK  
   1979-1980Audie Armontrout KB5CCSK  
   1980-1981Dean Bevan K5HTRSK  
   1981-1982Jack Hedrick KB5QVSK  
   1982-1983Jack Harkins W5CPISK  
   1983-1984Clay Emert K5TRW   
   1984-1985Clay Emert K5TRW   
   1985-1986Jack Hedrick KB5QVSK  
   1986-1987Rees Evens KE5VHSK  
   1987-1988Peggy Abernethy KA5DQUSK  
   1988-1989Clay Emert K5TRW   
   1989-1990Clay Emert K5TRW   
   1990-1991Tony McLean KB5HQE   
   1991-1992Jack Hedrick KB5QVSK  
   1992-1993Clay Emert K5TRW   
   1993-1994Clay Emert K5TRW   
   1994-1995John Shilling KJ5EM   
   1995-1995Andrew Hair AB5WN   
   1995-1996Ron Love KB5YT   
   1996-1997Millie Wise W5OVHSK  
   19971998Wm."Bill" Holcombe W5TFT   
   1998-1999Lew Maxwell W5TFT   
   1999-1999C.W. Hiett N5HRDSK  
   1999-2000C.W. Hiett N5HRDSK  
   2000-2001Rick Crespo N5ZRE   
   2001-2002Pete Ortiz KA5YLL   
   2002-2003Tom Stripling WA5QLR   
   2003-2004Clay Emert K5TRW;   
   2004-2005Bernie Krasowski KD5QHV   
   2005-2006Bernie Krasowski KD5QHV   
   2006-2007Bernie Krasowski KD5QHV   
   2007-2008Clay Emert K5TRW   
   2008-2009Artis Wright KD5KFY   
   2009-2010Artis Wright KD5KFY   
   2010-2011Clay Emert K5TRW   
   2011-2012Paul Wilson AE5OJ   
   2012-2013Paul Wilson AE5OJ   
   2013-2014Clay Emert K5TRW   
   2014-2015Paul Wilson AE5OJ   
   2015-2016Paul Wilson AE5OJ   
   2016-2017Clay Emert K5TRW   
   2017-2018Paul Roberts K1DPR   

Calls marked with an asterisk (*) are not active and location is unknown.
Kenneth Graf W5RUN changed to N8FF
Hurley Saxon K5QVH changed to N5AB
Bill Rodgers K5TLU changed to K5WAE
W. R. "Ross" Harrell WA5LTQ changed to N0ZA
Jack Hedrick KB5QV Changed to K5JEH
Andrew Hair AB5WB changed to K5VI
Tony McLean KB5HQE changed to W5AAM

Researched and compiled by:
Bill Rodgers, K5WAE     -     Clay Emert, K5TRW
C. W. Hyatt, N5HRD     -     Milly Wise, W5OVH