W5ES - Amateur Radio Club
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El Paso, Tx, 79930

Texas State QSO Party

The purpose of the Texas QSO Party is to provide a competitive opportunity for Amateur Radio Operators anywhere in the world to contact as many Texas stations in as many different Texas counties as possible. It is also an opportunity for county hunters to contact rare Texas counties during the published contest time and in accordance+ with the rules of operation.

The Texas QSO party, sponsored by the Northwest Amateur Radio Society, a full-service ARRL recognized club in Northwest Houston, Texas, is scheduled on the last full weekend in September. We do this each year to encourage contacts between Texas amateur radio operators and amateur radio operators throughout the world.

One of the planning goals each year is to have operators in each of the 254 counties in Texas. This is the best - and in fact it may be the only - opportunity to make contact with operators in some Texas counties. For more information on operator density in Texas, see the Where are all the Hams website.

TQP mobile operators, be careful and have a good time. Fixed station operators, get on the air and look for the mobiles! Regardless of how you like to participate, get on the air, make some contacts, and have fun!